The YouTuber behind DefNoodles says he is retiring the influencer-watchdog account for good

Def Noodles
Dennis Feitosa, the YouTuber behind DefNoodles, said he’s done with the influencer-watchdog account. Def Noodles / YouTube
  • On Monday, Dennis Feitosa announced in a YouTube video that he was retiring DefNoodles.
  • Feitosa said his new YouTube content would still focus on influencer drama and commentary.
  • This comes after the DefNoodles Twitter account was suspended on July 13.
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The creator of the influencer-watchdog account DefNoodles said he was retiring the online personality for good.

Dennis Feitosa, a 26-year-old comedian and YouTuber, confirmed the news in a YouTube video on Monday just over two weeks after Twitter permanently suspended the account.

Feitosa popularized DefNoodles in the last year as he frequently shared gossip and news about social-media stars on his Twitter and Instagram accounts. Although Feitosa claimed that the DefNoodles character was a caricature that took inspiration from satirical TV shows like “The Soup,” the since-banned Twitter account had over 150,000 followers prior to being banned and would often break major news about celebrities and influencers, including James Charles and David Dobrik.

In Monday’s video, entitled “The End of DefNoodles,” Feitosa had a “conversation” with DefNoodles to explain why he was leaving him behind.

Addressing the DefNoodles character, Feitosa said, “There are plenty of problems [with you]. First off, you got banned on Twitter, you have major credibility issues, some people just don’t seem to get the joke and honestly, you’re a bit that overstayed its welcome.”

Feitosa said DefNoodles had been “restricting [him] creatively” and he wanted to “introduce new ideas into the channel.”

Feitosa said that his YouTube channel would still focus on “reaction commentary” and looking at “celebrity news, trending topics and influencer drama.”

“I’m still going to be covering all of that,” he said. “I’m just going to be introducing new elements, new ideas and new characters.”

While Feitosa said he would still be posting daily videos on his YouTube channel, which has half a million subscribers, the future of the DefNoodles Instagram account, which currently has over 23,000 followers, remains unclear.

The DefNoodles Twitter was permanently suspended by the platform on July 13. At the time, a Twitter spokesperson confirmed to Insider that the account had been permanently banned after violating the platform’s rules. Since then, Feitosa had continued to post news updates and commentary on the DefNoodles Instagram and his YouTube channel.

Addressing the Twitter ban in a YouTube video on July 14, Feitosa claimed that he hadn’t received any emails from Twitter informing him about his suspension and which rules he had violated, though he said in a recent tweet that he had received emails from Twitter notifying him that users had been reporting his account.

Some influencer-commentary channels, including Daniel Keem (known online as Keemstar), had accused Feitosa of posting false information on DefNoodles.

Feitosa did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.

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