Defects In Sydney Taxis Are Putting You At Risk

You might want to think twice before getting in a Sydney taxi after an investigation in the state’s cab system found many were considered unfit for the road.

In an investigation by The ABC, a mechanic ran safety checks on random taxis, finding that many had bald tyres, poor suspension and brakes, loose engines, and a plethora of other serious defects that put passengers lives at risk.

Drivers are also worried, with one saying most cabs are in an “appalling state of roadworthiness,” adding that “many authorised taxi inspection stations are just doing a perfunctory check for the people they do bulk business for”.

Transport Workers Union official Michael Aird says a lack of government oversight is to blame for the unethical safety checks.

“It’s the responsibility of the Government to not wash their hands of the problem, to step in to say that we need appropriate standards in this industry for the community,” he told The ABC.

The NSW Minister for Transport declined an interview.

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