Two Deer Shut Down Traffic In A Surreal Golden Gate Bridge Crossing

Two deer briefly stopped northbound traffic on the Golden Gate Bridge as they made their way across the San Francisco landmark toward Marin on Friday, reports KTVU.

The deer were first reported around 5:24 p.m., but once police officers arrived they were already gone. Still, their presence was quite surreal to tourists and drivers watching as they passed.

“They pretty much created their own traffic break,” Andrew Barclay, a California Highway Patrol officer, told NBC Bay Area. “That could be what saved the deer from getting hurt … If it was lighter traffic the cars would have been moving faster.”

While very much out of the ordinary, this isn’t the first time a deer crossed the bridge. In 2004, a young deer was spotted on the bridge heading into San Francisco, where it went through the FasTrak lane without paying the toll, according to The San Francisco Chronicle.

Check out the video:

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