RECAP: Deepwater Hearings Begin With A Bang

deepwaterA Deepwater Survivor


Oil spill liability hearings are going on now in Washington. And they’ve started with a bang!

—–The first survivor railed against all companies: “I’ve watched the endless fingerpointing from BP, Transocean, Halliburton… When these companies put their checkbook over our safety, they’re gambling with our lives.

The man alludes to a no-injury waiver Transocean allegedly forced upon survivors in the aftermath of the explosion. Although he signed the waiver, he says he now suffers difficulty sleeping, memory loss, flashbacks, and a nervous twitch in his eye. When a Transocean representative allegedly offered him a $5,000 settlement contract at a Denny’s restaurant, the man refused to sign.

——Now a Louisiana state attorney is arguing for trial rights in state court (which BP does NOT want).

——BP spokesperson Darryl Willis talks about response efforts, says they’ve already handed out $36-million in claims.

transocean repThe Transocean Rep

BP will NOT seek to hold the $75 million liability cap.

Ha! BP spokesperson says he has somewhere to be at 2:30. Committee chairman Rep. John Conyers says “If we have further questions, we’ll want you present.”

——Transocean representative suggest RIG will seek to hold the $75 million cap.

She adds “My heart is lightened to hear the chairman’s comments that TOP KILL may have been successful.”

——Halliburton’s lawyer has a good Texas moustache.

halliburton repThe Halliburton Lawyer

He says “With regards to those waivers, Halliburton did not ask any of our four employees [on the rig] to sign a waiver or any document.”

Halliburton says the well owner is 100% liable. BP is “bound to hold Halliburton harmless.”

——Senior VP from Cameron is up.

——Tom Galligan from Colby-Sawyer College kibitzes juridical rights. Complains of legal inconsistency that favours aviation crash survivors to maritime crash survivors. Is this going to the Supreme Court?

——Q&A time!

Q to BP: “You don’t think taxpayers should pick up any of the cost?”

A from BP: “BP is going to pay for all damages for the bill.” [he says after several repetitions of the questions]

Q to RIG: “Should we consider limiting or eliminating all offshore drilling?”

A from RIG: “I think [offshore exploration and fishing] can both exist together.”

Q to BP: “Does BP have sole liability for damage caused by… dispersants as well as the oil?”

A from BP: Willis dances around this question, repeatedly.

Sounds like he’s trying to get BP to swallow everything right now. Kind of an asinine point, as he’s talking to a BP spokesperson, not lawyer.

——Committee Recess. More coming soon.

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