Deep Focus CEO Ian Schafer Joins Solve Media’s Board Of Directors

Ian Schafer, CEO of Deep Focus

Solve Media, a startup that replaces CAPTCHAs with type-in advertisements, has had a great start to the new year. 

It closed a Series B round of financing and now it has added Deep Focus founder and CEO Ian Schafer to its Board of Directors.

“The future of advertising lies with innovative and creative approaches like Solve Media’s TYPE-IN that can capture a user’s attention in a powerful yet unobtrusive way, and deliver measurable results in lift, recall and participation rates,” says Schafer.

The kind of “lift” Schafer is talking about can be found in the results of a recent Analytics DNA study.  AnalyticsDNA was hired by Solve Media to see how effective the type-in ads were for brands. It looked at 43 of Solve’s campaigns over a one year period.  AnalyticsDNA found Solve’s ads created a 52% lift in brand awareness, a 65% life in brand association, a 67% lift in brand recall, a 38% lift in brand favorability and a 24% lift in purchase intent.  The Solve ads worked even better for big-name brands.

Solve Media was founded by Ari Jacoby in late 2010. It currently works with 3,000 publishers.