Decker Sends The Memos Now, And Other Signs She'll Be Yahoo CEO

Here’s a thought. Maybe Carl Icahn bought more Yahoo shares because he foresees an easy transition for the company after it names its next CEO.

Because it’ll be Sue Decker, who’s been planning for the job for at least two years.

Again, it’s just a thought, but it’s also a common one.

A former Yahoo employee tells me he’s convinced the board will choose president Sue Decker to replace Jerry Yang as CEO. He doesn’t have any inside information; he’s just convinced.

“She has a Steve Jobs-like ability to create a reality distortion field for the board,” says the former employee. “They love her.”

Likewise, the hedge fund manager who fought Yahoo management for years, but finally got his fund out of Yahoo in September, Ironfire Capital’s Eric Jackson, is equally resigned to a Sue ascension.  He wrote for the Daily Beast:

The Yahoo! board likely wants to make the “safe” choice of a big company/Internet experience/former CEO/outsider. Peter Chernin fits the bill. Miller, Levinsohn, Armstrong, and Whitman would all be good choices. However, I expect none of them to be interested.

So, the last man standing to take the Yahoo! CEO job will be a woman: Sue Decker. She has too much baggage to be an acceptable selection for a majority of Yahoo! shareholders, but such concerns haven’t stopped this board before.

Another small sign for the anti-Sue paranoids to cling to? Sue sends the company-wide memos now.

Like the memo breaking the news that Google had pulled out of a search deal just before Jerry stepped down, or yesterday’s announcing Europe boss Toby Coppell’s depature.

Of course, somebody has to send the memos. But why couldn’t Yahoo chairman Roy Bostock? Also, if the logic goes that Jerry doesn’t send them because he’s on the way out, you’d think if she were on her way out, Sue wouldn’t either.

And if she’s not on her way out, you could figure it’s because the (justifiably) ambitious Sue believes she’s on her way up.

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