It's Shaping Up To Be A Huge Day For The Government Shutdown And Debt Ceiling

Today could be a significant day of movement on both the government shutdown and debt-ceiling fights.

House Republicans met in a closed-door session Tuesday morning, where they outlined their strategy for both of the budget battles.

For now, National Journal’s Tim Alberta reports that House Republicans will look to separate the two fights, possibly looking to pass a one-month debt-ceiling hike and keep passing individual funding bills to keep different parts of the government open.

At a 10 a.m. press conference, House GOP leadership’s strategy consisted of repeated requests for President Barack Obama to sit down and negotiate. House Speaker John Boehner said he’d be willing to do so without any conditions.

“I’m not drawing any lines in the sand,” Boehner said.

Separately, Senate Democrats could also introduce a bill that would permit a “clean” hike on the debt ceiling, though specifics are still unknown at this point. But according to aides, it would not contain any policy riders and likely raise the nation’s borrowing limit through the 2014 election.

The House and Senate were both in session at 10 a.m.

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