Wow -- Maybe We Really ARE Governed By A Bunch Of Irresponsible Wack-Jobs

Obama, Boehner, Pelosi

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And all this time we thought it was just an act.We thought that all that posturing and indignation in Washington about the debt ceiling–about how the Treasury was just making up that stuff about the August 2 deadline and government is too big and we’ve got to cut spending and so therefore it’s totally cool to default–was just a bunch of political hot air.

We thought the Congress, the same people who voted for all the spending that is now forcing the country to borrow more money, would do its usual circus dance and keep the charade going right up until the last minute–and then, finally, when the manufactured “crisis” had been milked for all the free publicity it was worth, make the only sane and responsible choice here, which is to raise the debt ceiling.

But now it suddenly looks like we might have been wrong.

Now it looks like we actually MIGHT BE governed by a bunch of selfish, incompetent wack-jobs who put their careers and politics ahead of the country’s interests.

And that’s depressing. And disconcerting.

Because this country really does have serious problems to solve–problems that will require Congress to actually make sane, reasonable decisions, problems that will lead to pain and sacrifice, problems that will require actual leadership and maturity and discipline to work our way out of.

And our government appears to be incapable of solving those problems.

Is it possible that this still is just a charade? Is it possible that Congress will still wink at the camera next week as if to say, “just kidding”–and then sign whatever bill is on the table to raise the debt ceiling, the way they always knew they would?

We sure hope so.

Because as much as we hate the idea that our government has wasted the past six months staging an enormous publicity circus around a decision whose outcome should never have been in doubt, we’d far rather have that government in charge than one that is crazy and irresponsible enough to voluntarily put the United States of America into default.

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