Death Row Inmate Battles Oregon Governor For The Right To Die

gary haugen death row inmateGary Haugen

Photo: KOINLOCAL6/YouTube

A convicted murderer is fighting the governor of Oregon’s attempts to postpone his execution until the lawmaker leaves office.Gov. John Kitzhaber wants to grant Gary Haugen a reprieve that could last as long as seven years even though he has waived his appeals and volunteered to be killed, The Oregonian reported Tuesday.

Kitzhaber put a moratorium on executions in the state in November 2011, saying the punishment failed to “meet basic standards of justice,” The Oregonian reported at the time.

Haugen is still demanding to be executed to protest what he thinks is a broken criminal justice system, the AP has reported.

His lawyer, Harrison Lotto, argued in court that his client must agree to the reprieve for it to take effect, the Oregonian reported Tuesday.

The judge seemed receptive to Lotto’s claims and asked a state prosecutor to show him cases where a reprieve was granted over an inmate’s protests.

That prosecutor admitted that he didn’t have case law to back him up, and the judge asked both sides for additional briefings before he makes a final decision.

Haugen was sentenced to death five years ago for murdering a fellow inmate while he was serving a life sentence for murdering his ex-girlfriend’s mother, the AP has reported.

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