Dear Tony Abbott, That's Not A Shirtfront. THIS Is A Shirtfront

How about these apples, Vlad? Picture: Getty Images

This is going to be the greatest day in world politics, ever.

When Australia’s PM meets Russian President Vladimir Putin at the G20 Summit in Brisbane next month, he’s promised to give him this most Aussie of welcomes:

It’s called a “shirtfront” and while most football codes have a version, the VFL/AFL does it best. It’s an art form, particularly if you can get away with it and not be benched by the tribunal for a few games.

Abbott says it will be his special way of tackling the issue of who was responsible for the downing of Flight MH17.

Some are saying it’s a crude approach, and that Abbott could be seen to be playing the man, not the ball. If Abbott’s going to head down that route, he should do it properly and take a few notes from Byron Pickett’s playbook:

Putin won’t be a pushover though. Abbott should get some early practice in by taking a quick hit out on the Communist Party sock-puppet who wrote this bizarre rant for Pravda yesterday.

We’re all for it. It’s definitely the best tactic for Abbott if he wants to get Putin’s attention. Although a former boxer who may or may not have honed his skills on university walls, Abbott is unlikely to be a match for black belt Putin if they squared off face-to-face.

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