Dear "The Daily," Please Fix Your Terrible Typography!

After our 120-second tour of “The Daily,” we’re pleased enough to continue reading it. But here’s something that’s going to drive us nuts.

The typography is highly flawed, stuck in the forced, “justified” alignment mode that is great for tall, skinny blocks of newsprint, but completely unnecessary on the iPad, which has lovely text handling.

See the stretched-out words we’ve highlighted? There is NO REASON for that on an iPad. It’s a terrible reading experience and there is no place for it here.

And you can’t select text either, to copy and paste. Or make the text bigger or smaller.

It actually seems like the text in “The Daily” isn’t text at all, but a big, full-page image, the way many iPad magazines are published. Basically a picture of letters. That’s a lazy, halfway solution, so we hope they finish developing an app that’s actual text.

This probably isn’t “The Daily’s” priority to fix, but it’s really obnoxious to folks like us who actually care about typography, ease of reading, and good-looking words. So we’d love to see it fixed. Thanks!

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The Daily typography

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