DEAR RON PAUL FANS: Sorry, But The Truth Is He Just Can’t Win

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Yesterday, I explained the truth about the “Ron Paul Media Blackout” — the conspiracy theory repeated endlessly by Ron Paul fans annoyed that their candidate isn’t given more coverage in the mainstream media.I explained that, as far as I am concerned (as the editor of a major publication), we can’t write about Ron Paul enough–because Ron Paul’s ardent fans are so dedicated that they take everything we write and pass it around all over the place.

So there certainly isn’t a Ron Paul Media Blackout here at Business Insider. In fact, we sent reporter Grace Wyler to Iowa and New Hampshire to follow Ron Paul and keep our readers apprised about what he’s up to.

I also explained why we and other publications don’t write about Ron Paul even more–namely,

1) Ron Paul can’t win the election, and

2) most mainstream voters think he is a nutbag.

Not surprisingly, Ron Paul fans were not happy about that explanation.

I instantly got lots of emails beginning with the dreaded “You, sir…” and lectures about how my job is just “to report the news.”

To which I responded:

What news is it that we are not reporting?

The news that Ron Paul finished third in Iowa? (We reported that.) The news that Ron Paul wants to chop $1 trillion of government spending next year and, thereby, temporarily destroy the economy? (We reported that.) The news that Ron Paul wants to abolish the Fed? (We reported that.) The news that Ron Paul wants to end most of our international interventions and take us back to an isolationist state? (We reported that.) The news that Ron Paul may have actually won the Iowa caucuses? (We reported that.) The news that Ron Paul has totally locked up the “youth vote”? (We reported that.)

And then I added another question:

Would Ron Paul fans be lecturing me about what my job is and starting their emails with the dreaded “You, sir…” if I were writing columns arguing that Ron Paul is going to somehow pull off a miracle and win the Presidency and arguing that his policies would, in fact, be great for the country?

I doubt it.

But I’ll go ahead and ask that question, in case any Ron Paul fans want to dispute it.

And then I’ll leave you buy reiterating the truth about Ron Paul, in case any folks out there think that my job is not to “just report the news” (whatever that is), but, rather, to tell the truth.

Ron Paul can’t win the Presidency because too many Americans think he’s a nutbag.

They think this mainly because of many of the Ron Paul policies articulated above. These policies are just too far from mainstream ideology for majority voters to take them–or any candidate who espouses them–seriously.

I understand that that might be annoying to some Ron Paul fans, who are sick of politics-as-usual, think the country has huge, intractable problems, and wish that everyone else in America saw the world the way they do.

And Lord knows there are plenty of reasons to be sick of politics as usual and that the country has huge, intractable problems. There are, and it does.

But Ron Paul fans who love Ron Paul because they think that he alone is telling them the truth should also recognise another truth when they hear it:

Unless/until Ron Paul seems more reasonable in his views, he can’t win the Presidency.

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