DEAR BUSINESS INSIDER: Please Stop Using Pictures Of Dead Bulls, Hissing Monkeys, And Sleeping Cats -- PETA

kangaroo fight tbiHappy kangaroos.

Dear Mr. Blodget,I’m writing in response to emails that we’ve received from Business Insider readers who are concerned about the abundance of photos on your website that depict animal suffering and cruelty. Would you please consider refraining from using such imagery in the future and instead use non-animal or animal-friendly images to accompany your articles?

When casually placed alongside an unrelated article, visuals that show dead, dying, or distressed animals give the impression that your website is insensitive to cruelty to animals and can offend readers, such as those who have contacted PETA.

For example, a photograph of a dead bull was used alongside a column on the credit crunch and a picture of a dog and monkey about to engage in a vicious fight was placed beside an article about two bickering investors. Surely these and other incongruous photos could have been replaced with other images that would have more effectively driven home the intended message without giving the impression that your website condones or is insensitive to acts of cruelty to animals.

May we please hear from you that Business Insider will refrain from using photos that negatively depict animals? If we may serve as a resource for you in any way, please feel free to contact us.  Thank you for your time and consideration.

Sincerely yours,


Heather Carlson
Manager of Communications

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