A Former Coke Executive Built His Own Track After Losing His Driver’s licence

dean wills private track

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In 1996, Dean Wills, a former Coca-Cola executive, lost his driver’s licence after he was caught speeding in his Ferrari Testarossa outside Sydney.Not ready to give up driving his impressive car collection (including the only McLaren race car ever sold privately and many Ferraris), Wills built his own private track.

Wills is the former CEO of Coca-Cola Amatil, which distributes Coke products around Australia.

He describes his private driving mecca as a “country road” — not a racetrack, according to Australia’s Daily Telegraph.

It does not have the barriers and gravel run-off areas that make Formula One tracks safe for high-speed racing, according to Ferrari Magazine, which recounted how Wills built the road in its March 2011 issue. It even has signs that post recommended speeds for the 22 corners.

Wills does not disclose how much he spent on the road, but the Telegraph estimates the asphalt to cover the 40,000-square-meter track would cost $2.4 million AUD ($2.54 million USD). It took three years to build.

The .6 mile track, on Wills’ land in Kulnura, north of Sydney, is designed to be the perfect place to enjoy a good drive, without worrying about the police or the risk of hitting another car, or pedestrian.

Racing is not allowed. “We don’t do lap times, the only way we measure it is how long the smile lasts,” Wills’ son Mark told the Telegraph.