Deals: Optus is serving up 100GB data a month for only $45

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There are some good high data deals floating around at the moment, and Optus is extremely here to join the party.

The telco is coming in swinging with a ridiculous 100GB for only $50 a month.

Editor’s Note: At the time of writing the below widgets show the deal as being $50 a month, but when you click through it applies a 10% discount, bringing the price down to $45.

$45 a month gets you 100GB data, as well as 4GB a month of roaming data for ‘Zone 1’ countries.

This pricing sure does feel like a cheeky one up move against Telstra, which started running a 90GB data a month SIM-only plan for $69 this week.

Optus’ deal is $24 cheaper a month, comes with 20GB more data and double the amount of roaming data. Savage.

You can also get 50GB a month data for $40, which is still a good deal, but when an extra $5 a month gets you double the amount of data that’s extremely better value.

Both of these plans are on 12-month contracts.

Comparatively, here are some other big data plans that are currently out in market:

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