Dealers Cannot Keep This Car On The Lots

Toyota Prius C

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Last month, the average time for a car to remain on dealer lots was 53 days.However, according to data from Edmunds, Toyota’s newest Prius, the Prius C, was only able to spend an average of eight days resting before it found a new home.

The Prius C is Toyota’s latest contender in the hybrid battle. As the smallest hybrid it makes, the C is supposed to be the entry level, fun to drive, urban runabout of the Prius line.

It is obviously succeeding. Toyota also reported that the C sold over 1,200 in the first three days it was available. Those numbers were far greater than the total number of Nissan Leafs and Chevy Volts sold in the entire month of February.

And with gas prices continuing to rise, look for Toyota’s hybrids to remain strong sellers.

In fact, two other hybrids from Toyota, the Camry and Highlander, were also moving off dealer lots at 30-days less than the average.

Other than those three models, there were no dedicated hybrids that made the list for March. While other makers start to build hybrids, these numbers might just be a sign that Toyota already has the market cornered.

It might be time for everyone else to carve out a new niche.

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