DEALBOOK: Goldman's COO Gary Cohn Is The 'Prince Charles Of Wall Street'

Blankfein and CohnLloyd Blankfein and Gary Cohn

Dealbook’s Susanne Craig has a piece today about Goldman Sachs president/COO Gary Cohn calling him the “Prince Charles of Wall Street” because sources say he’s growing restless waiting for Lloyd Blankfein to move aside so he can be CEO (a.k.a. the king).  

From Dealbook: 

So Mr. Blankfein has regrown a beard and come to embrace the limelight, giving speeches on gay marriage and education, and attending celebrity Oscar parties. He often jokes that he plans to die at his desk.

It is no laughing matter for Mr. Cohn, who as Goldman’s 52-year-old president is the Prince Charles of Wall Street, a man for whom the crown seems just beyond his grasp. Mr. Cohn is growing increasingly restless, according to friends and colleagues. Some inside Goldman wonder if he will depart if Mr. Blankfein doesn’t move soon. That would throw a monkey wrench into Goldman’s succession plans, leaving the firm without a natural candidate ready to replace Mr. Blankfein.

During a livestream event in Washington D.C. this morning hosted by Politico, Blankfein dismissed the Dealbook piece as “gossipy.”  

He said that the firm’s senior leadership has been together for a long time and is “very stable.” 

“Somebody who was assigned to Goldman Sachs didn’t have anything good enough to write for a while,” he said [via @williamalden]

 The Dealbook piece also suggested that Blankfein might go the route of taking on a public service role like other former Goldman execs who have gone into government service following their reign at the investment banking giant. 

“Don’t use their assertions as if it were fact,” Blankfein said.  

“There’s a long tradition of Goldman Sachs people going into public service. It’s something…after you do this job it’s not like you’re going to go to another job in finance. Why would you do that? You can serve the public in philanthropy or government. I really don’t think about it. You don’t spend a lot of time thinking of your next position, when you are in such a consuming job…People think of it on behalf of me. I don’t think about it.”  

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