Deaf Man Who Was Videotaped Confessing To Murder Claims He Was Misled By His Interpreter

A deaf man who confessed to killing a man having an affair with his live-in girlfriend nearly 25 years ago wants his videotaped confession thrown out, claiming he was confused by a sign-language interpreter.

Gabriel Thompson, 48, was arrested in 2010 and allegedly confessed but now claims the interpreter “ignored his request for a lawyer and misconstrued him,” the New York Post reported Monday.

Thompson asserts he wasn’t made aware that the person questioning him was a prosecutor gathering evidence and not a cop.

Officer Julio Vasquez, who acted as interpreter, claims Thompson admitted he confronted the man and then reached behind his back, pantomiming grabbing a gun, while saying he “stabbed him once, one time, that’s it,” according to the Post.

Vasquez admitted he didn’t tell the prosecutor Thompson had asked if his lawyer was coming.

Watch the video of Thompson’s confession, courtesy of the Post:

The case is ongoing.

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