'Deadwood' is coming back to HBO after 10 years for a movie, and fans are thrilled

Rumours that “Deadwood” would be revived on HBO have been circulating just about since the series ended in 2006, but now it’s really happening.

HBO programming president Michael Lombardo has confirmed to TVLine that he “personally gave series creator David Milch the green light to resurrect the acclaimed yet painfully short-lived Western.”

“Deadwood” lasted for only three seasons and never achieved the breakout success of “The Sopranos” or “The Wire,” but it has one of the most rabid fan bases around.

From creator David Milch (“NYPD Blue,” HBO’s canceled horse-racing drama “Luck”) “Deadwood” combined a harsh, violent Western town set in the 1800s with lyrical, almost Shakespearean dialogue. It wasn’t for everyone, but it was beautiful.

While all three seasons unearthed more layers in Deadwood, South Dakota, and the politics and scheming therein, fans always felt like the final episodes left them wanting a bit more. And HBO understands this.

This revival will come in the form of a movie, and Lombardo says Milch has pitched a “general storyline.”

“I’ve known him for a while and it feels like it’s something he’s not done talking about,” the executive said of Milch.

As for when the “Deadwood” movie will actually appear and how it will get the busy cast back together, HBO won’t say much, but Lombardo seems confident it will be worth the wait.

Needless to say, fans are generally thrilled on Twitter with the news, though a few remain cautiously optimistic.




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