The hilarious scene that didn't make it into 'Deadpool' but may be in the sequel

Deadpool fox20th Century Fox‘Deadpool.’

Given that they worked on the “Deadpool” script for six years, it’s easy to understand that some of the material from screenwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick didn’t make the final cut.

But the good news is there’s a sequel on the way.

The two took a break from working on the script for “Deadpool 2,” which should begin shooting this year, to talk to Business Insider, and they reveled a scene that will show up in the sequel.

“I shouldn’t say this because we may put it into the sequel, but there was a moment where Ryan is karaokeing ‘The Gambler’ to an action sequence where he is kicking major a–,” Wernick said, referring to the 1978 hit Kenny Rogers song.

“He and I just absolutely loved it and I have a cut of it on my phone,” Wernick continued. “I sometimes watch it.”

One reason “Deadpool” became a breakaway success of 2016 (taking an opening-weekend record with its $132.4 million, and going on to earn $783 million total worldwide) is that audiences loved the Marvel character’s self-deprecating, meta style that broke all the rules of how we watch comic-book movies.

Reese, Wernick, director Tim Miller, and star Ryan Reynolds constantly created material on the spot for their character. The Kenny Rogers bit is just one example of the treasure trove of material at their disposal for the sequel.

“There’s a ton of stuff that didn’t make it into the first movie that will be in the second movie,” Wernick said. “There’s new stuff coming up all the time, too.”

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