The latest 'Deadpool 2' trailer introduces Cable while taking jabs at 'Justice League' and 'Toy Story'

20th Century FoxJosh Brolin as Cable in ‘Deadpool 2.’
  • Here’s our first look at Josh Brolin in action as Cable in “Deadpool 2.”
  • But, of course, there is also some NSFW hilarity from Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) throughout.

The latest trailer for “Deadpool 2” is out, and it introduces us to the Merc with a Mouth’s pal, Cable – in a NSFW way that only the Deadpool franchise can.

This is the first footage we’ve seen of Josh Brolin playing the beloved character, who is trying to better the world from a future he knows is full of pain. He certainly has the look down, but as the trailer goes on you may notice that not all of Cable’s CGI is screen-ready yet.

Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) realises Cable’s metal arm is only a green sleeve and literally pauses the trailer. “It’s a metal arm, it’s not like we’re trying to remove a mustache,” Deadpool screams, referring to Henry Cavill’s mustache for his role in the upcoming “Mission: Impossible” movie having to be digitally removed when he did reshoots as Superman for “Justice League.”

Saying he will handle it himself, the trailer then cuts to Deadpool playing with a Cable toy and a Deadpool toy (dressed as Woody from “Toy Story” as he yells “Reach for the sky!”). Following some, yes, NSFW banter, the trailer returns – now with Cable sporting a metal arm – blowing things up and fighting along with Deadpool, Domino (Zazie Beetz), and recognisable faces from the first movie.

Watch the trailer below. “Deadpool 2” opens in theatres May 18.

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