We just got a big indication that ‘Deadpool 2’ is going to be better than the record-breaking original

‘Deadpool.’ 20th Century Fox
  • A recent test screening of “Deadpool 2” scored a 98 out of 100, according to The Hollywood Reporter.
  • That’s better than the original’s 91 score.
  • That movie went on to earn over $US783 million worldwide.

Fans of “Deadpool” just got a major indication that its sequel could live up to the massive hype surrounding it.

The movie has had three test screenings leading up to its release by 20th Century Fox on May 18, and each screening scored better than the previous one, with the final one hitting a 98 score out of 100, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The original movie’s best test score was a 91 before going on to break box-office records when it opened in 2016 and earned over $US783 million worldwide.

According to THR, the first test screening of “Deadpool 2” scored a 91 then a second one had a 97 score. After six days of reshoots last month – three days fewer than the original movie – a final test screening was done in Dallas on two screens simultaneously showing separate cuts. One cut scored a 94 and the other a 98, according to the trade. Fox will be going with the cut that scored a 98.

Studios do test screenings for virtually every movie they release. Often the CGI is not completed and the score isn’t final. Audiences are recruited in rural areas of the country to participate and sign documents promising to not reveal anything they have seen. After watching the movie the audience is asked to rate the movie by filling out comment cards with boxes marked “excellent,” “very good,” “good,” “fair,” or “poor.”

“Deadpool 2” will continue the adventures of the Marvel character Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds), and will add characters Cable (Josh Brolin) and Domino (Zazie Beetz).

Here’s the latest trailer: