Reminder: Dead Millionaires Are Unhappy Millionaires

Alright, the title is a bit dramatic but it’s time for a public service announcement.

VC blogs always talk about how to deal with investors or run your business or how to raise money and whatnot. What they hardly every talk about is health.

Usually, I can understand this as VC’s have no business really giving you health advice. At the same time, I am often interacting with entrepreneurs (and other investors) and thought it worth putting down in writing. 

Be cautious of your health. I know this is just such common sense but I’m often shocked at how little many entrepreneurs really care about their health. In addition to working tons of hours a week and being sleep deprived, they are often adding to the burden on their body by simply being completely unhealthy.

In the Valley, everyone is doing triathlons and ultra-marathons. The rest of the world…nope, haven’t seen much of it. As I already said, your typical entrepreneur is working at least 10 to 12 hours a day. Sports may be walking from the subway to the office or door to gate at the airport….tops. There are pizza Fridays plus all the other meals and events where you basically eat crap. Finally, you’re out drinking with your team or customers and clients. That sure doesn’t help and since we’re in Europe, people are still often lighting up the cigarettes (amongst other smokable plants!) 

I know I sound like VC-mum but in addition to growing a killer business, stop to think about your health. If you’re unhealthy, you’re probably also far less energetic than you could be. You may also be a slob….remember, first impressions do count when you’re trying to sell something.

Stress levels are huge and can be counterbalanced with exercise. You can eat far healthier fare, even if you are often out on business meals…it’s tough but can be done. Really do stop and think about this for a second.It really does suck if you successfully sell your business, become a millionaire and then crap out because you only thought of your business and not your body.

Trust me, dead millionaires are unhappy millionaires. OK, now back to regular programming. 

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