Magazines Killed By The Crash (Slideshow)


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Even before the recession gained full steam in December 2007, magazines began dying off as readers couldn’t find time to care about yet another title and ad budgets started to shrink.

And so went Radar, Blender, Jane and Home. There went, Teen People, CosmoGirl and Domino. There went — there will go — many more.

Former Vanity Fair and New Yorker editor Tina Brown says that when Condé Nast owner Si Newhouse decided to shutter Portfolio, his two-year-old $100 million business glossy, she beheld the “unprecedented sight of the magazine world’s last big believer, Si Newhouse, exhibiting what looks like signs of throwing in the towel.”


Tina writes, “to own magazines or newspapers, you have to love what you own with almost impractical passion.”

But these days — the era of ads on the New York Times front page — such impractical passion is simply too impractical. Here’s our list of magazines shuttered in the current recession and what was written about them when they went.

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  • Condé Nast’s Portfolio
  • PC Magazine
  • Blender
  • Domino
  • Oprah At Home
  • Jane Magazine
  • Arena
  • Men’s Vogue
  • 02138
  • Radar
  • Plenty
  • House & Garden
  • Page Six Magazine
  • Play, NYT Sports Magazine
  • DNR
  • CosmoGirl
  • Culture + Travel
  • Travel + Leisure Golf
  • King
  • Teen People
  • Genre
  • Hallmark Magazine
  • Atlanta Peach Magazine
  • CottageLiving
  • Home
  • Town&Country Travel

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