A City In Belgium Is Building A 2-Mile-Long Underground Pipeline To Carry 1,500 Gallons Of Beer An Hour

An underground pipe is being built in Bruges, Belgium that will carry 1,500 gallons of beer an hour underground, according to UK news website Sky News.

The pipe is the brainchild of the De Halve Maan brewery, and will be built to take the company’s beer from its historic brewery location to a nearby bottling plant.

The new processing plant was opened on the Waggelwater industrial estate in 2010, but according to the Associate France-Presse, De Halve Maan did not want to give up its five-centuries-old brewery.

The solution is the 1.86-mile-long pipeline that will be able to carry every gallon of the brewery’s famous “Brugse Zot” beer. It will also take the 500 delivery trucks that used to transport the beer out of the streets, greatly decreasing the city’s traffic and improving the quality of Bruges as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

The brewery’s CEO Xavier Vanneste told Belgium’s Het Nieuwsbladsaid that, “The beer will take 10 to 15 minutes to reach the bottling plant. By using the pipeline we will keep hundreds of lorries out of the city center.”

The Bruges city council has officially given De Halve Maan the go-ahead. The cost and start date of the Bruges pipeline have not yet been revealed, but the brewery will pay for the project and the pipeline will be constructed using the latest computer-guided drilling technology so as not to harm the city’s Gothic architecture.

Though unique, this is not the first instance of a brewery installing a similar system — a German brewery created a 3-mile beer pipeline that brought 13,737 gallons of beer to bars in the Veltines-Arena in Gelsenkirchenm.

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