This $US164,000 Watch Looks Like A Shiny Spacecraft For Your Wrist

Swiss luxury watchmaker De Bethune has unveiled what they call “an authentic wrist sculpture” — a smoothly curved titanium timepiece known as the Dream Watch 5 (via Gizmodo).

This delta-shaped watch, which bears an uncanny resemblance to a miniature spaceship, displays the time with a rotating set of discs seen through a small window on the top. Just beside the time is a tiny moonphase indicator, bringing in another element of space to the watch.

But the focus here is not so much on super high-tech time-telling features, but rather on the Dream Watch 5’s streamlined design.

According to a press release from De Bethune, “This model positioned on the frontiers of an eclectic watchmaking scene is indeed not necessarily defined as a watch… The miniaturization of the mechanism demonstrates a clear-cut determination to give pride of place to design — as admirably demonstrated by the diminutive space allotted to the display of the hours, minutes and moonphase functions.”

At just 1.9 inches wide by 1.5 inches long, it’s surprisingly compact. The mirrored body is made of genuine titanium, and a ruby crown at 3 o’clock is a nice finishing touch. Seen from the back it could even look like a spaceship’s engine.

Retailing at 150,000 Swiss Francs (roughly $US164,000) the Dream Watch 5 is certainly no ordinary timepiece.

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