DC Metro Workers Busted After Buying Thousands Of Lotto Tickets With Fares They Supposedly Stole

Lotto Ticket

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Two Virginia Metro workers were arrested late Wednesday night for purchasing thousands of Virginia lottery tickets with bags and bags of stolen coins that apparently came from Metro rider’s pockets, according to The Washington Examiner.While transporting the Metro fares, the duo would allegedly hide the money off to the side of the road until their shift was over, the Examiner said.

Their grand scheme disintegrated when one of the men, John Vincent Haile, was caught driving his Jaguar with the lottery tickets, still in his Metro uniform.

Haile and his partner, Horace Dexter McDade, another Metro veteran, were both charged with conspiring to commit theft from programs receiving federal funds, the Examiner reported.

The penalty for such crimes could be as much as five years behind bars.

Halie allegedly bought at least $28,000 worth of tickets from October to December of 2011 and won at least 29 times in 2011, totaling about $32,000. He also had unexplained deposits tallying $150,000, the Examiner said.

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