The new zombie apocalypse game for PlayStation 4, 'Days Gone,' looks horrifying but gorgeous

Sony played a gameplay trailer of the upcoming PlayStation exclusive game called “Days Gone” during its conference at E3 on Monday, and it looks fantastic.

“Days Gone” is an open-world game set two years after a devastating global pandemic, where much of humanity has turned into monstrous flesh-eating zombies. And they’re the fast kind of zombies that run in herds towards the slightest sign of fresh human meat instead of lumbering slowly, which intensifies the horror.

The trailer also revealed that animals like wolves and bears were affected by the pandemic, too, and they look bigger and more carnivorous than their pre-pandemic selves. They, too, will chase fresh humans in search for their next meals. The bear at the end of the trailer, complete with the remnants of a barbed wire fence wrapped around its body, looks particularly deadly. 

As is expected with most zombie apocalypse settings, humans also pose one of the greatest threats. In the trailer, the game’s biker-gang protagonist called Deacon is rescuing his friend who was captured by a rival group.

Check out the trailer for “Days Gone:”


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