Don't set your clocks forward this weekend -- daylight saving starts a week later this year

Go back to bed. Picture: Getty Images

How do you know when it’s time to set your clocks forward for the start of daylight saving?

Despite the fact that “set your clocks” is all but redundant in the digital smart age, there are still enough people in danger of wandering in to work an hour early next week that states on Australia’s East Coast and South Australia are warning this year is different.

Traditionally, those in New South Wales, SA and the ACT wind their clocks forward because it’s the Labour Day public holiday on Monday.

But the daylight saving period has nothing to do with public holidays. It starts on the first Sunday in October, as observed in Victoria and Tasmania.

It’s a bit of an anomaly, but it means everyone on the East Coast (apart from Queenslanders, who don’t participate in daylight saving) has to wait an extra week this year and set those clocks that need setting forward on Sunday, October 7.

They’ll get the week back, as the period ends on April 7 next year.

Northern Territory and Western Australia residents also don’t need to worry, as they side with Queensland in the non-daylight saving debate.

Queensland is also out on Monday with a day off, for its version of the Queen’s birthday long weekend.

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