A day-and-a-half in the life of a top Wall Street tech analyst

Mark MahaneyMark MahaneyMark Mahaney.

Mark Mahaney is one of the top tech research analysts on Wall Street.

The RBC Capital Markets managing director is the bank’s lead analyst covering the internet sector, and he looks at tech companies including Facebook, Amazon and Twitter.

RBC compiled the pictures below from a 36-hour trip to New York, and shared them with us.

Here’s a lightly edited version.

5:00am: Rise and shine!

Mark Mahaney

Although my team and I are based in San Francisco, I'm spending the next 36 hours in the Big Apple visiting clients. I've got a busy schedule so I try my best to sneak in a quick workout to mentally prepare me for a busy day!

9:30am: Next thing on the agenda is Business Insider's Ignition conference.

Mark Mahaney

I'm honored to be giving two presentations today. First up, I'm talking about future opportunities for the social media giant, Facebook. Little known fact about me (that shows my age): I've been covering Internet stocks since 1998, long before any of the names you see here on the screen even existed!

10:45am: Between presentations I meet up with Alex Heath, a Tech reporter for Business Insider

Mark Mahaney

Heath covers social media companies like Facebook, Snap and Twitter. See here for his story on my Facebook presentation.

12:30pm: Next up we're talking about Amazon.

Mark Mahaney

During the presentation, I talk about the three big pillars of their business -- Marketplace, Prime and Web services -- and how they are in a good position to continue to drive the company's growth. The question is: what is the fourth pillar? A few of our best guesses include: business supplies, groceries, shipping logistics, and artificial intelligence/virtual reality. Following the presentation, I spend time with Business Insider's Global Editor-in-Chief & CEO, Henry Blodget.

3:00pm: Following the conference, I spend the afternoon meeting with clients in New York.

Mark Mahaney

Here I am with John Spatz and Kevin Mjaatveedt after a client meeting. Lately, clients have been particularly focused on the topic of what 2017 is likely to mean for Internet companies and stocks.

6:00pm: I couldn't have timed my trip to New York better as I happen to be here on the day of the NYC holiday party!

Mark Mahaney

I make a quick appearance and share a drink with some of the colleagues I don't get to see as often as I would like.

Day 2 (6:00 am): I opt to skip the gym this morning in order to conduct some 'market research' and test Snapchat's new spectacle glasses.

Mark Mahaney

Not only are they super fashionable, but they also include a camera, allowing users to take photos and videos without using their hands.

(8:00am): And they said everything is bigger in Texas…

Mark Mahaney

Except for inflatable rats. Squeezing in a few client meetings this morning.

Noon: Navigating New York City traffic is always an adventure.

Mark Mahaney

During a traffic jam in midtown, I enjoy a catch up with the one and only Valerie Vanderzee.

5:00: Before heading to the airport, I make an appearance on CNBC's Fast Money which is broadcast live from the Nasdaq studio.

Mark Mahaney

Today we're discussing our Internet outlook for 2017. In a recent report, we highlighted our top large cap (Netflix, Facebook and Amazon) and small cap (Yelp, Criteo and Go Daddy) picks for the year ahead.

Home at last!

Mark Mahaney

It's great to spend time with my wife and kids after a long week on the road. Here are my boys: Noah, Aidan, Malcolm and Carter. We're looking to recruit a few more for the Mahaney basketball team!

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