A Day In The Life Of CNBC's Star Anchor Scott Wapner

Scott Wapner, the anchor of “Halftime Report”, is a big star over at CNBC.

He works hard, he books big-name guests, and he’s constantly getting big scoops and breaking news.

We also can never forget the time he beautifully refereed the historic on-air brawl between billionaire hedge fund titans Carl Icahn and Bill Ackman.

He was also the one who helped bring the pair of long-time rivals together to hug it out on stage at the CNBC Delivering Alpha Conference.

Wapner gave us a glimpse into what his typical day is like.

Here's our guide, Scott Wapner.

Decisions, decisions.

How every day begins. A huddle with my guys.

Then I'm out the door and on my way…

....and into the rat race with a few thousand of my friends.

So close, but yet so far...

Always gotta grab my fuel.

And I am FINALLY here!

Time to read in.

And meet with the gang.

And it's showtime!!

Pushing for answers with New York's Attorney General.

A little late-day pick me up.

Pulling double-duty with my pal Kelly Evans.

Then, FINALLY, I'm out. Until the next day begins..

Of course when I get home, some time with the boys.

A little carnival fun.

Always some cooking.

And the day is a wrap.

Now let's see what life's like for another CNBC star...

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