A Day In The Life Of Sara Eisen -- CNBC's Newest Star Reporter

Star reporter Sara Eisen joined CNBC from Bloomberg TV late last year.

She’s been crushing it since moving there.

Eisen is well-known for her coverage of the foreign exchange. At CNBC, she’s a correspondent focusing on the global consumer. She’s still really into forex, though.

We asked Eisen to take us through her typical day at CNBC.

She showed us her routine of what she does when she wakes up and how she gets her hair and make up done. She even showed us what she does before she goes to bed.

Wake up: I need to set 4-6 different alarms on my phones, between 5:10am-5:36am, because I always ignore the first few. It's a process.

First stop -- The Nespresso Machine in my kitchen. It's my first of multiple cups of coffee I need throughout the morning (I pick up the next cup on the way down to the exchange and then another at the Starbucks inside the exchange). I can't function without coffee.

7 a.m., New York Stock Exchange: I love getting to work at the historic NYSE - there's still a vibrant and exciting energy inside on the floor and outside, where tourists are snapping pictures all day long.

Where the magic happens...CNBC has a great setup at the NYSE, overlooking the floor where the talented Pat and Merita help me look alive, while I catch up on the morning papers.

More bronzer! There's not enough bronzer in the world …never too much bronzer.

On set at Post 9: The market is open, and I'm about to join the wonderful and colourful team on set for the 'Squawk on the Street.'

10 a.m., 'Squawk on the Street': Time for the show. Today we're talking snow, soaring stocks, frozenomics and Valentine's Day.

Talking tech: The talented and charming Jon Steinberg of BuzzFeed pops by the show to talk Netflix and the new season of 'House of Cards' (I found it disappointing - everyone disagrees with me).

Lunch time: The show's over at noon, and I'm starving! One of my go-tos: chicken soup at a kosher deli across the street from the NYSE. It's kept me warm and comforted throughout the polar vortexes and Nor'Easters this year.

Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Back to CNBC World Headquarters for the afternoon.

2:15 p.m., Daily editorial meeting: Producers and reporters get together to talk about the next day's stories. 'Why does the stock market keep going up?' someone asks. I keep hammering the point: 'It's all about the Japanese yen!'

Planning a field trip: Working with field producer Jess Golden on our upcoming trip to cover CAGNY (Consumer Analyst Group of New York) conference in Boca where CEOs from P&G, Coca-Cola, Altria, and other consumer giants speak.

It's all the Japanese yen! Working on writing up a piece for CNBC.com on why the yen is driving the U.S. stock market, working with markets editor Patti Domm.

My view. Here's what I see from my desk, right smack in the middle of the newsroom, plenty of action.

A familiar face -- Always greeting me with a smile…my desk mate Dom.

5-8 p.m., Late duty: I'm on standby tonight in case of major breaking news during the airing of Olympic curling. No breaking news tonight, so I get to watch 3 hours of curling at the office with the evening desk producers!

Evening staff: Evening assignment editor Tom Rotunno shows off his rose for V-day, made out of bacon. We didn't eat it.

Back to the city After a long day of work, it's 8:30 p.m. and I'm back in NYC to meet a friend for drinks and dinner at the Nomad Hotel bar.

Best drink in NYC. I discovered it, and it's called the 'Start Me Up' at the Nomad. There's ginger and Strega (an amazing Italian liqueur) in it.

Back home In bed with my boyfriend…Juan Pablo.

Now let's follow another CNBC reporter around for the day...

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