A Few Miles From Davos, The Super-Rich Enjoyed A Luxurious Snow Polo Tourney

At a neighbouring resort to Davos, other members of the global elite enjoyed a luxurious snow polo tournament.

For those of you not familiar with the sport, winter polo involves eight teams of three horses and riders each — instead of the usual four. The horses wear flat shoes with studs to help them tread the snow better. Riders throw mallets to hit a ball between goalposts shaped like over-sized champagne bottles.

The event sounds quite luxurious according to descriptions from Bloomberg’s Leigh Baldwin. Attendees listened to Duran Duran performing inside a nightclub made from shipping containers and snow; and feasted on roast saddle of veal with morel mushroom mousse and whiskey-infused hot chocolate.

Meanwhile over at Davos, soldiers placed barbed wire to keep protesters from the presidents and bankers who were “re-thinking capitalism.”

And here’s a picture of British personality Katie Price competing in the tourney:

katie pricse, klosters polo
Katie Price, British personality, attends the KP Equestrian photocall at the 7th Berenberg Snow-Polo event

[credit provider=”The Image Gate/ Getty Images “]

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