Davis Polk Publishes Financial Crisis Manual

For all of the associates out there spending the wee hours logged on to Westlaw trying to make sense of the legal intricacies of the Federal Reserve or the Term-Asset Back Securities Loan Facility, there is some good news. Davis Polk has done some of your work for you!

The firm published a 260-page report titled A Guide to the Laws, Regulations and Contracts of the Financial Crisis and directed to “anyone who wants to understand the flurry of new legislation, old law used in new ways, contracts with Treasury, press releases, frequently asked questions, guidelines and other rulemaking that has occurred at a dizzying speed over the last year and a half as a result of the financial crisis.”  

The report also includes a thorough financial crisis timeline, a glossary and hyperlinks to a fair amount of the laws and resources cited.  

The authors are too numerous to list, but their bios appear at the end of the report.  If you see them out and about (though we sort of doubt it – compiling this manual in addition to working on their actual cases likely means they have been intimately familiar with dinners their desk as of late), buy them a beverage. They may have just saved you a lot of time.  

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