HOWARD DAVIDOWITZ: Yes, Obama Inherited A Mess, But He’s Still To Blame For The Bad Economy

A new Bloomberg National Poll poll today shows that Americans are growing tired of President Obama’s handling of the economy. “Only 30 per cent of respondents said they are certain to vote for the president and 36 per cent said they definitely won’t,” Bloomberg reports.

That’s somewhat of a contradiction to the segment we brought you last week regarding the WSJ/NBC poll on the state of the economy and who’s to blame. That poll showed that 64% of respondents did “not really” believe or “only partially” believed President Obama was to blame for the current dire state of the economy. (See: Americans Down on the Economy, But Don’t Blame Obama: WSJ/NBC Poll)

Regardless of which poll is most accurate, Howard Davidowitz, chairman of Davidowitz & Associates and a long-time critic of our government, is up in arms over how Obama has handled the economy thus far.

“There is no question that [Obama] inherited a complete mess. [President] Bush was an unmitigated disaster,” Davidowitz tells Aaron and Henry in the accompanying interview. “[But], right direction, wrong direction, this is what presidential politics is all about.”

Basically, Davidowitz believes that from day one Obama has only added to the country’s biggest problem — spending on entitlement programs like Medicare. “Everyone understands that entitlements are bankrupting America, [and] the first thing he did was add another entitlement,” he says.

On top of that, Obama pushed to keep the Bush tax cuts in place. That was a huge misstep, according to Davidowitz, who is an expert at turnarounds.

Bottom line: Davidowitz is outraged by the administration’s approach to getting the country back to on track. If he were president, he’d eliminate the Bush tax cuts and cut all spending on entitlements

This post originally appeared at The Daily Ticker.

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