DAVID BECKHAM: How The World's Richest Soccer Player Spends His Millions

David Beckham has come to define the athlete-celebrity archetype in world sports.

He has enormous houses, flashy cars, and a pop-star wife.

In the same year he retired from soccer at age 38, he made $US47 million on and off the field.

That has allowed him to live a pretty lavish life.

He made $US47 million last year. He was the highest-earning soccer player in the world.

Source: Forbes

He only made $US5 million in on-field salary, but an insane $US42 million in endorsements.

Source: Forbes

He has made $US190 million off the field in his career, according to the NYT.

Source: NYT

He gets endorsement deals that other athletes simply don't get, like Armani and H+M.

10 million Beckham replica shirts have reportedly been sold in his career.

Source: Daily Mail

His personal fortune is estimated to be ~$267 million (making him the richest soccer player in the world). He lives a lavish life as a result.

Source: Sky News

He's married to Victoria Beckham, fashion icon and Spice Girl.

The two have appeared together in reality shows and ads, including this salacious Armani billboard.

He got her an enormous engagement ring when they married in 1999.

While they've been spotted with other celebrities, Beckham told a newspaper that he's a homebody and only has 'three friends.'

Source: Daily Telegraph

They love houses. Their $US22 million estate in Beverly Hills is 13,000-square feet and has an ocean view.

Source: Today Show

When he played for PSG in Paris, he stayed in a $US21,000-a-night hotel with a personal butler.

Source: BBC

After he signed with Real Madrid in 2003, he bought a $US12 million villa, dubbed 'Casa Beckham.'

Source: New York Times

The couple recently sold their 'Beckingham Palace' estate in England for $US19.4 million.

Source: Daily Mail

Since they're so into real estate, a wild rumour that they were going to buy the $US41 million Versace mansion in Miami popped up this summer.

Source: HuffPost

He loves expensive cars too. He has owned over 20 different cars in his career including a Bentley and a $US400,000 Rolls-Royce convertible.

Source: Complex

He bought a replica of Steve McQueen's Porsche 911 Turbo.

Source: MTVUK

He also has a custom 93 Knucklehead motorcycle that was build from scratch.

Source: Daily Mail

In 2008 he bought Victoria a vineyard in Napa Valley for her birthday.

Source: Telegraph

He's great at birthday gifts. He Also got the boy band 'The Wanted' to play at his son's party.

Source: Sky

He drops big money on tattoos. One piece took six hours and was inked by legendary artist Mark Mahoney, who charges thousands of dollars.

Source: Facebook/LA Times

He's retired, but not done with soccer. There are whispers that he could own an MLS expansion team in Miami.

Source: Miami Herald

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