HOUSE OF THE DAY: David Tepper Is Tearing Down His $44 Million Hamptons Home And Building A Bigger One


Photo: Courtesy of Sotheby’s

Last year Appaloosa CEO David Tepper bought the most expensive home in the Hamptons for $43.5 million. But now Tepper plans to tear down the 6,000 square foot house to build a bigger, better, 11,200 square foot house.Not only will Tepper’s summer home be almost double the size, but it will also have improved ocean views. Apparently as of now, dunes are in the way of Tepper’s view of the ocean and sunset.

The new home will take up almost double the amount this one uses

The 6,000 square foot house

Views of the ocean

Awesome upper deck, we're sure the new one will be even better

One of the bedrooms

Huge bathroom

Windows all over the house, letting the summer sun in

High ceilings

Another one of the bedrooms

One of the smaller bedrooms

Yet another bedroom, there's six

The in-ground pool

And full size tennis court

See, the trees block the ocean view

Tons of extra space to build bigger

A view from the beach

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