Hedge Fund Manager David Tepper Denies Keeping $100 Million In His Savings Account

David Tepper Lottery

Yesterday Dealbreaker published a photo of an ATM receipt tossed away in East Hampton, which showed  a $99,864,731 balance, after a $400 cash withdrawal.

Later in the day, the mystery owner of the errant receipt was revealed to be none other than hedge fund king, David Tepper.

While Tepper does own an amazing piece of land in the Hamptons, we were a little bit sceptical.

Turns out our scepticism was justified: the New York Post contacted Tepper, who laughed and said he’s too sophisticated a money man to leave so much cash in a low-yielding account.

He “wasn’t in the Hamptons in June at all.”

Also, he said, “I would never do something as irresponsible as leaving $100 million in a savings account,” he told the Post.

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