The Trader Who Led The Feds To Raj Secretly Recorded Videos Of His Friends With A Camera In His Hat

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David Slaine, the Galleon trader-turned-informant who led the feds to Raj, secretly recorded his friends and co-workers for months with secret video cameras embedded in his hat, tie and briefcase, the NY Post reports.The tapes will be entered into evidence in the trial of former Galleon man Zvi Goffer — aka “Octopussy” — and his brother and business partner.

Sounds exciting, but unfortunately, the tapes aren’t. Visually that is.

Apparently, “far from dramatic, the videos show shots of walls, a bookcase, Slaine’s checkered shirt and people’s foreheads” the Post said.

One example jurors may see is,

A videotaped conversation between Slaine and Goffer eating at a diner, but mainly for the audio, because the video only shows the corner of Goffer’s face, said a person close to the case.

Although as we saw in the Raj case, audio by itself can still be interesting.