David Schwimmer and Stephen Colbert remember waiting tables together in Chicago before they were famous

Before David Schwimmer moved to Hollywood and landed his role on “Friends,” he was in an improv group with Stephen Colbert.

The two studied theatre at Northwestern University and were both part of the No Fun Mud Piranhas group.  

While on “The Late Show” Tuesday night, Schwimmer explained that working with Colbert led him to pursue acting because he could “never keep up” with Colbert’s improv chops. 

“Your mind is just so ridiculously fast,” Schwimmer said. “I actually was very grateful for being in that group with you, because I realised, ‘Oh, that’s why I can’t do that. I should go into acting, and not that.'”

During the interview, Colbert pulled out a photo of the improv group and pointed out Schwimmer’s luscious locks.

“You have hair that Kylo Ren would love,” Colbert said, referencing the villainous character played by Adam Driver in “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.” 

Colbert is in the lower row wearing glasses. 

After graduating college, Schwimmer cofounded the Lookingglass Theatre Company in Chicago and waited tables, like Colbert, while looking for work.

Schwimmer is currently portraying Robert Kardashian in “The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story” on FX.

Watch the clip below:


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