Yammer’s CEO Is About To Sell For $1 Billion To Microsoft, And Then Throw Himself An Over-The-Top Ridiculous Party

Fleur de Lys mansion

People inside Yammer have been talking all week about an acquisition by Microsoft.

Only late Wednesday did word start leaking outside the company. Now Bloomberg is reporting that the parties are trying to strike a deal this week—tomorrow or Friday—for a rumoured $1 billion or more.

We know a really good reason why Yammer CEO and cofounder David Sacks might want to wrap things up before Saturday.

That’s because, a source tells us, he is throwing a gigantic 40th birthday party at the $125 million Fleur de Lys mansion in Los Angeles.

Sacks actually turned 40 on May 25—but the fact that his party’s being held almost a month afterwards makes the timing of the deal talks even more interesting. (It’s also close in time to his fifth wedding anniversary, we note—Sacks married Jacqueline Tortorice in July 2007.)

Fleur de Lys is one of the most expensive homes in America, according to Time.

The dress code: 18th-century costumes.

Snoop Dogg is the entertainment.

The guests: “a Who’s Who of A-list tech,” according to our source.

Sacks is the former COO of PayPal, which makes him a full-fledged don in the PayPal Mafia. He’s eminently well-connected.

And if he clinches the deal, he’ll have a lot to celebrate.

Heck, he’d even be able to buy the mansion he’s partying in.