David Rosenberg Has 10 'Nagging Concerns' About The Global Economy

David Rosenberg

2013 started with stocks going higher. But sometime in May global interest rates begin to rise and the Japanese stock market began to fall. 

Since then we’ve pretty much seen a rout in emerging market stocks, currency weakness, volatility in Japanese government bonds and concerns about both the Fed taper and the effectiveness of Japan’s aggressive monetary policy stance. 

In this environment David Rosenberg highlights “10 nagging concerns.”

2. ECB chief Mario Draghi isn't stimulating the economy like he once was.

3. The canary in the coal mine has contracted for four straight months and this raises questions about the health of the Asian economy.

5. Commodity prices have been falling.

6. The Australian dollar hitting four-year lows raises more questions about Asian growth.

7. The breakdown in the Hang Seng index and near implosion of emerging market currencies and bond markets.

9. Productivity data doesn't show successful implementation of structural reforms in Europe.

10. The Bank of Japan's aggressive stance is no longer successful in creating a risk on environment.

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