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David Prager

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We always wanted to use “ankles” in a headline, like Variety. (It means “quits,” if you work in Hollywood.)Today’s ankler is David Prager, the cofounder and COO of Web-video network Revision3, has quit after seven years—and after Revision3 sold to cable network Discovery Communications.

You may remember Prager as the guy who livetweeted and broadcast an attempted burglary in his home (rather than, say, calling 911).

But inside Revision3, he was known as the ultimate behind-the-camera guy who made things happen for the network’s stars like Digg cofounder Kevin Rose (who’s now working at Google) and Veronica Belmont, whose Tekzilla show is now one of Revision3’s biggest. 

Here’s how Prager said goodbye to the staff:

Moving On, Sort of…

I’ve spent the past 7 years doing the most fulfilling work of my life. I loved building a culture and passion around an idea and bringing on people smarter than I am that can do their jobs better than I could. I loved seeing their thoughts develop ideas to places I never thought of. When I helped found Revision3, I admit I didn’t realise just how impactful and how notable a role we would play in the still rapidly evolving world of digital entertainment, television, distribution, and its business models.

It is because of all of you that the vision gained strength. It is because of all of you that we were able to trail-blaze, pioneer, and turn what was a volatile and unknown marketplace into a profitable business. It is because of all of you that we caught the eyes of some of the biggest media companies on the planet. Together, we shook traditional media giants to the the core so much that perhaps the smartest and most respectable one of them all, Discovery, realised that the combined power of our collective knowledge and ability could be the perfect media (new media) company for the coming generations.

And so with that milestone and with a heavy heart, I have decided to wrap up my tenure as a full time employee of Revision3. I’m excited about starting the next chapter of my career and will be sharing a couple of the projects I will be working on with you all soon in the weeks ahead. My decision to leave Revision3 is wholly my own, but one that I couldn’t make cleanly. Although I won’t be here day-to-day, I will continue to serve Revision3 as an advisor and will continue to work on a couple of different productions – one a revival of a modified version of Toasted doughnut with Glenn McElhose and one a yet to be launched show whose pilot involved a small (errr… rather large) scorpion.

Finally, I want to reiterate just how proud I am about how hard the Revision3 team has worked to take us to where we are today. There are lots of exciting things going on with Revision3 post acquisition and I’m thrilled for the promise and opportunity for the company, the industry, and everyone involved. I have an incredible amount of confidence in our team as well as the synergy between Revision3 and Discovery to lead to un-paralleled success.

All my respect and appreciation,

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