POGUE: Don't Upgrade To The New iPad If You Already Have An iPad 2

david pogue

Photo: Flickr/eschipul

The new iPad reviews are in.New York Times’ tech guru has his own take on Apple’s new tablet. He likes it.

But while Pogue does seem to like the new iPad’s high-resolution Retina display, better camera, and 4G LTE data speeds, he pegs the device as just a minor upgrade from the iPad 2.

His advice? Don’t buy a new iPad if you already have the iPad 2.

Here are a few choice quotes from his review.

On naming the new iPad:

Really, the new iPad should have been called the iPad 2S. In the past, Apple added the letter S to iPhone models that weren’t exactly new but had been tastefully enhanced (iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4S). That’s exactly what’s going on with the new iPad. Its technical improvements keep it at the forefront of desirability — just ahead of the snapping jaws of its Android competition — but don’t take it in any new directions.

On the new Retina display:

In principle, that avalanche of pixels (and their increased colour saturation) means that photos, videos, maps and text should look jaw-droppingly good — and, in apps that have been rewritten for the new screen, they do. Apple’s own apps, like Photos, Maps and iBooks, are just incredibly sharp and clear.

On 4G LTE:

Being on LTE flavour of 4G is really, really nice. Apps download quickly. Web pages appear fast. You don’t have to wait for videos to load before they start playing. The Verizon iPads offer tethering — a feature that converts that cellular Internet connection into a Wi-Fi hot spot — so nearby laptops can now enjoy the same high Internet speeds. (AT&T says it’s working to get tethering.)

Read Pogue’s full review here >

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