New York Times Gadget Guru David Pogue Allegedly Hit Wife With iPhone

New York Times tech columnist David Pogue

New York Times gadget reviewer David Pogue and his wife Jennifer were arrested after a “domestic dispute” in Westport, Connecticut earlier this week.

The couple are in the middle of getting a divorce. According to Jennifer’s lawyer, the incident that led to the arrest happened during a “boisterous argument.”

And now FOX News is reporting the details of that argument, in an article entitled “Apple-Loving Tech Columnist Allegedly Hit Wife With iPhone“:

Jennifer alleged that she was laying in bed reading a book when David jumped on top of her, pinning her down and grabbing her iPhone from her hands. She then alleges that David had hit her in the head with the phone,” [Westport police captain Sam] Arciola said…

[I]n an interview with radio station WCBS 880, Arciola explained the iPhone connection. He explained that Pogue jumped on his wife following an altercation that she was apparently recording on the gadget — before he grabbed the iPhone.

Given David’s line of work and affection for Apple and the iPhone, these details are hard not to mention.

At a broader level, though, this is a sad story all around, and we wish Jennifer and David all the best.

(It’s worth noting that this is Jennifer’s version of the events and that both Jennifer and David were arrested after the incident, suggesting that both were at fault. And it’s also worth nothing that attorneys for both seem to be playing the incident down.)

UPDATE: Here’s the context, via NBC:

Police captain Sam Arciola said an argument ensued after Pogue’s wife, Jennifer, arrived uninvited during his time to visit with their children.

Allegedly, Jennifer bit Pogue on the arm, which resulted in him pinning her down, and hitting her in the head with an iPhone.

 And here’s the most important part, via Jennifer’s lawyer: “He said no one was injured.”