Former Obama staffer David Plouffe fined $90K for illegally lobbying Chicago for Uber

Former Obama campaign manager and Uber executive David Plouffe has been fined $US90,000 for illegally lobbying Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel on behalf of the ride-hailing giant, according to the Chicago Tribune.

The fine was imposed by the Chicago Board of Ethics after 2015 emails between Plouffe and Emanuel were unearthed in a separate case.

According to the report the Ethics Board found that Plouffe had not registered as a lobbyist when he contacted Emmanuel about regulations related to Uber service at airports.

Uber was also fined $US2,000, according to the Tribune.

Plouffe recently left Uber to be head of policy for Mark Zuckerberg’s philanthropy initiative, The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative.

We’ve reached out to Uber for comment. A spokesperson for The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative declined to comment.

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