MLB legend David Ortiz had a fantastic reaction to seeing Carlos Correa propose to his girlfriend after winning the World Series

David Ortiz
  • Carlos Correa proposed to his girlfriend while being interviewed after winning the World Series.
  • Daniella Rodriguez, Miss Texas USA, said yes.
  • David Ortiz was watching live and for once seemed at a loss for words.

It is rare to see Boston Red Sox legend David Ortiz at a loss for words, but that is exactly what happened when he saw Carlos Correa proposing to his girlfriend just moments after winning the World Series.

The proposal came while Correa was being interviewed on Fox by Ken Rosenthal. After answering a question, he turned to Daniella Rodriguez, who was standing nearby, dropped to one knee, and pulled out a large diamond ring. She said “yes.”

Meanwhile, somewhere else on the field, the Fox studio crew was watching the interview on a monitor. A camera caught Big Papi realising what was going on. Ortiz was clearly stunned by the moment and looked like he was momentarily at a loss of words as he looked around.

Here is the great moment.