Did This UK Opposition Politician Use A Column To Attack His Own Party's Leader — Who Is Also His Brother?

David Ed MilibandEd (L) and David (R)

Photo: AP

We’re always fascinated by the relationship between Ed Miliband, the Labour party leader in the UK, and David Miliband.David was seen by many to be the natural successor to Gordon Brown — a handsome, statesman-like guy.

On the other hand, Ed — who surprisingly beat out his elder brother to become Labour leader — seems to be permanently followed by gaffes, and, incredibly, some have wondered if he is “too ugly” to be Prime Minister (we disagree, by the way).

Now David has written a 3,000 article for the New Statesman that, um, seems to be saying his brother is a bad leader. And the press has pounced on it — check the Daily Mail’s headline “‘The party’s in a comfort zone under my brother’: David Miliband in thinly veiled attack on Ed’s leadership”

For the record, David’s friends say it was “100% not an attack on his brother”.

Sure. Anyway, we have a feeling one day someone will write a great book about the Milibands.

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