Letterman Invites Michele Bachmann On His Show: 'If You're Not Coming To See Us, Historically You're A Loser'

David Letterman

On Monday’s “Late Show,” David Letterman couldn’t resist taking a few jabs at Tea Party Presidential candidate Michele Bachmann and her latest gaffe — accidentally comparing herself to serial killer John Wayne Gacy when talking about her hometown Waterloo, Iowa:

“So I guess the message I’m trying to import here tonight is do a little homework. Just a little bit of homework…what about page two of Google or Wikipedia?”

Letterman also gave Bachmann some essential campaign advice: be a guest on his show.

“I was going through it and all of the presidents for last 25 years, the only people who’ve been on this show as candidates have won that office…If you’re not coming to see us, historically you’re a loser. You’ve got to come here.”

Video below (begins at 0:25 mark).

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