World's Coolest Dad Has Drawn A Picture On His Kids' Sandwich Bags For The Last 5 Years [PHOTOS]

School lunches can be so boring.

But David Laferriere, a father of two from Massachusetts, keeps things entertaining by drawing a picture on his sons’ sandwich bags almost every morning after he makes their lunch.

LaFerriere, an illustrator and graphic designer, started doodling on lunch bags in May 2008. He posted the designs to Flickr since the sandwich bags get thrown out, he explained in a video feature for the website.

Five years later, LaFerriere has decorated close to 2,000 sandwich bags. It’s a morning ritual he plans to continue until his youngest son, now 14, heads off to college, LaFerriere told Business Insider through email. LaFerriere’s other son is 15.

LaFerriere uses Sharpies to draw on the sandwich once it’s inside the bag. The drawings don’t take very long.

“It’s rare that I go over 5 minutes since time is tight,” he wrote.

Some of his favourite things to draw are monsters, robots, chickens, birds, squirrels, and worms. “I really like the ones that incorporate the shape of the bread or a bubble.”

You can see some of our favourite sandwich bag art in the following slideshow and visit LaFerriere’s Flickr page to see all of his work.

These foods would be good for lunch.

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